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US Envoy James Jeffrey: “we’ll keep up to support our Kurdish partners in Syria”

US Envoy James Jeffrey: “we’ll keep up to support our Kurdish partners in Syria”

ZERnews – Special Representative for Engagement and Special Envoy to The Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, made a statement to the press on Thursday.

Answering journalists’ questions at a press conference at the State Department in Washington, Jeffrey gave information about the final situation of ISIS in Syria and .

Jeffrey also mentions the continuing existence of ISIS in some places as Idlib and south of Euphrates. He pointed that ISIS is defeated on a large scale it is still a threat: “The 80-member Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS achieved a significant victory by destroying the last remnants of the ISIS physical caliphate along the Euphrates in Syria in March. This removed one important element of ISIS’s threat to the international community, but not the only one. It is still a threat in this core area of Iraq and Syria, and I’ll get into that.

Additionally, the official stressed that they proceed the plans to trial ISIS members.

Responding the question “are you still committed to working with and protecting your Kurdish partners in Syria” Jeffrey stated that “We are committed to defeating ISIS in northeast Syria. The SDF, which is a mixed Kurdish-Arabic military force, is our partner there. We are committed to those who have fought with us not being attacked and not being harmed by anyone. The President made that clear publicly. That includes our concerns about the Turks.

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