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Turkish Specialist: Israel trains 40 Kurdish Pilots! Safe Zone and Fighter Jets…

Photo: Mete Yarar, Security Specialist, Haberturk Television

ZERnews ( News) – Mete Yarar, a Turkish security policy expert, spoke on Haberturk television about (Syrian ) and the Kurdistan region (Iraqi Kurds). Television presenter Mehmet Akif Ersoy said, “Well, I feel sad when I listen.

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Photo: Mete Yarar, Security Specialist, Haberturk Television

Regarding the independence referendum held in the Kurdistan Region, he said, “The Iraqi Kurds have known that the results of the referendum would be like this. They put the results of the referendum in their own pockets as a document and thesis that they will use in the coming years.

Barzani knew the results of the referendum

Foto: Masoud Barzani had decided to hold a referendum on Iraqi Kurdistan Region

Everyone in the world knew that independence could not be declared at the time. everyone knew that conjuncture was not appropriate.” Yarar commented on the issue.

“There are also those who say ‘Masoud Barzani was in trouble’. The referendum had nothing to do with it. They also knew that the price of the referendum would be like this. Yarar, Security Policy Specialist said in his speech and continued.

Rojava (Syrian Kurds) and Arab countries

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Photo: map of Syria and Western Kurdistan (Rojava)

Meaningless movements then remain there as flares.

American support for the Syrian Kurds, efforts to establish the Arab Nato. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states provide $ 100 million in aid to Kurdish forces in Syria (Rojava) each month. None of these factors are aimless. These are not for nothing.


Photo: map of Syria and Western Kurdistan (Rojava)

What is the biggest challenge in establishing the safe zone that wants to establish?

Let me tell you this: if non-Kurdish groups remain in the safe zone. If the PYD (Kurdish administration) goes to a referendum with its supporters who remain in their area of its domination. I mean if PYD says that, “I ask a question to the people in my region: Do you want independence or do you want to stay?” What will happen?

Especially when America is there!? So what do we do if groups opposing PYD’s projects go to the safe zone? That’s my biggest concern.

trains Kurdish pilot”

Photo: Israeli warplanes @Israeli Air Forces

In addition, the state of Israel is training 40 Kurdish pilots. It teaches them the helicopters and fighter jets. These are Iraqi Kurds. This is done despite the opposition of the central government of Iraq.

The Kurds I know do not have planes and helicopters. Do the Israelis train 40 pilots in vain!?

Israel’s invasion of the Golan Heights will affect the separation of the Syrian Kurds. The world does not hear the invasion of the Golan Heights. This means great support for the Syrian Kurds. Because everyone will say, “These Kurds are the native people here. We are not saying anything about the Israeli occupation, will we oppose the Kurds?

YPG propaganda and Cinema Film in Europe

Movies made for YPG. Their propagandas in the European Union (EU). YPG (Kurdish forces) to be praised as ‘secular fighters fighting ISIS’. All these propagandas serve the same purpose. ”

Photo: Haberturk presenter Mehmet Akif Ersoy expressed his sadness

Turkish television presenter Mehmet Akif Ersoy, listening to these conversations, “I feel sad when I listen,” he said. (ZERnews)

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