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Parliamentarian of HDP: Masoud Barzani can play an essential role in solution

Foto: Imam Tascier, deputy of People’s Democratic Party (HDP) for Diyarbakir

ZERnews – Kurdistan News: , deputy of () for Diyarbakir: “ can play an essential role in peace building to “.

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Tascier participated a TV program on Kurdistan24, Rojev, and evaluated recent developments in solution to Kurdish question.

The parliamentarian of HDP made a remark upon last comments made by PKK leader, . “All political parties are aware of that democratization of Turkey is only possible by peace in Kurdish question. Abdullah Ocalan has developed projects to bring a solution to Kurdish question through dialog and negotiations. However, the Turkish state also should take responsibility, because talks held with the state rather than political parties” Tascier said.

Tascier also emphasized the role of Masoud Barzani in peace building for Kurdish question; “Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has a world-renowned prestige. in the KRG have political apparatus and institutions for self-government on their territory and develop relations with other countries in the world. Masoud Barzani has a national dignity among Kurds. Mr. Barzani can play an essential and empowering role in peace-building for existing conflicts and disputes in North Kurdistan (Turkey) and Rojava (North Syria)”.

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