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A book with gold writing belonging to the Roman period was seized

ZERnews – A 17-leaf book with gold writing on gazelle skin belonging to the was seized in .

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The teams of the Provincial Gendarmerie Command’s Anti-Smuggling and Organised Crime Branch acquired the knowledge that a person living in the city center was looking for buyers to sell a Roman-era .

The teams that started the investigation found the suspect will meet with the buyers on Friday (August 9th).

Thereupon, at the meeting point in the district of Kayapinar’s Peyas neighborhood measures were taken.

With the support of the Kayapinar district gendarmerie command teams, the suspect was caught red-handed along with 3 others who came to buy the historical artifact.

The book was confiscated, consisting of 17 leaves and 34 pages, with gold writing on gazelle skin, which is considered to belong to the Roman period.

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