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ROJAVA – A Call from Kurdish political parties to UN, NATO and EU

A Call from Kurdish political parties to UN, NATO and EU (Rojava / Syria)

Kurdistan and News (ZERnews English) – The Party of Democratic Regions (DBP), Democratic Society Congress (), Revolutionary Democrats (DDKD), People’s Democratic Party (), Human and Freedom Party (), Kurdistan Communist Party (KKP), Kurdish Democrats Platform (), Partiya Azadi (Freedom Party), and Kurdistan Democratic Party (TKDP) reacted to Turkey‘s operations with a press release.

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Kurdish parties make a statement about Rojava
Photo: Kurdish parties make a statement about Rojava

The statement of the Kurdish parties and movements that held a press conference in Diyarbakır is as follows:

“The occupation of Turkey and Iran in the areas of the sovereignty of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Democratic Autonomous Government of Northern Syria (DAGNS) is expanding and deepening. In particular, the ongoing cross-border operations of the Turkish Army since the 1980s ‘for security reasons’ have not been related to security, but have aggravated the Kurdish issue. The Kurdish question has not been solved with security politics since the establishment of the Republic, nor is it solved!

For a long time, the Turkish military has turned military operations into continuity in areas under the rule of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government, without law and breaking international law. The only reason for Turkey and Iran’s military action to the South and West of Kurdistan (Rojava) is the fear that the will establish a state. However, also have the right to have a political status that they demand like other nations.

It is clear that Turkey’s aim is not ‘border security’ or ‘Safe Zone’. If its aim was border security, it would say ‘yes’ to the ‘joint patrol on the border’ proposal. Moreover, this region is under the security of NATO, of which Turkey is its member, so there is no such problem. Turkey accounts for permanent occupation on the Afrin – Qamishli – Shengal line! (Rojava) The occupation is not a military operation. Planning, military chaps at the border and across the border, the outposts it established and the practice of Afrin – Shehba – Hakurk are the first serious signs of permanent occupation. Iran also maintains a Turkey-like occupation practice in the areas of the sovereignty of the KRG and the DAGNS.

In addition, camp residents are under intense pressure and observation in the vicinity of Mahmur Camp, which is under the supervision of the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

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We as the parties and movements that have the signature below:

1- We condemn the occupation of Iran and Turkey in the areas of the sovereignty of the KRG and the Democratic Autonomous Administration of northern Syria. The military forces must be withdrawn by ending these invasions. As war and occupation do not bring solutions, we call on these states to resolve the issues with dialogue on a peaceful and democratic ground with Kurdistan counterparts. Unsolved ways and methods should be abandoned. In addition, we call on all forces of Kurdistan to support the implementation of the laws and security of citizens and territories and the sovereignty rights of the KRG.

2- We call on the UN, NATO, Council of Europe, EU Commission and international institutions to warn those who are heading for armed intervention and occupation in the areas of the sovereignty of the KRG and DAGNS and to contribute to the solution by stating that only political, democratic and peaceful ways of solving problems are possible.

3- We call on the peoples of Turkey, Iran, and the region, the democratic, sensitive public opinion, to take a stance against the occupation actions of their countries by saying “No to war, no occupation”!

4- We urge our people and the political staff to adopt the gains in the Kurdistan parts based on the interests of the people of Kurdistan. If we don’t own the gains in the parts with the Kurdistan glasses, everyone will lose. The day is the day to look and own the gains with Kurdistan glasses! The day is the time to co-own the gains in each part by saying ‘it’s ours’.

5- In this sensitive period, we call on the Kurdish media to refrain from language and style which make some issues between our parties and institutions even more unresolved. Today, we invite everyone to develop a practice that minimizes problems by adopting the gains of the Kurdistan horizon while the Mongol invasion and destruction is imposed on us like “Either the Safe Zone or let’s set it on fire from start to finish!’.

6- on the 5th anniversary of the Ezidi Genocide, we find it meaningful and salute the Kurdistan Parliament’s proclamation of August 3 as “the Day of the Ezidi genocide”.

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